On the track, your safety is our priority.

Communication system between race control and drivers.

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Race control interface and marshalling system.


Broadcast session information in real time.

Pilot ID

Manage pilot briefings electronically and identify the drivers.


Synchronize Raceflag with the outside world.


Send marshalling information to circuit TVs, WhatsApp feeds, etc.


Safety is one of the keys to motorsport; RaceFlag is designed with the goal of enhancing the safety of all participants in the event. The RaceFlag system acts as asupplement to traditional track flags and signs, feeding information directly onto a display within the driver's cockpit view. 

Driver safety is enhanced by real-time updates from the race director and marshal's one is is reinforced by the visibility of incidents. RaceFlag also monitors compliance with directives (speed limits, overtaking bans, etc.), and facilitates better decision-making regarding potential penalties.

Our system was developed in coordination with race directors and championships to closely align with their needs. 

Real-time information

A real-time communication system between race control and the drivers.

System very easy to deploy

A user-friendly interface that is easy to implement for race control.

An autonomous device

An onboard device that is clear and requires no intervention from the competitor.

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